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Lygo International Ltd is an industry leader in designing, manufacturing and supplying accessories for all major video gaming platforms. Formed in 1999 to supply high quality, attractively packaged and sensibly priced gaming accessories to the European market, we quickly established ourselves as Europe’s largest private label games company, shipping and stock planning in excess of 5 million units a year. We are continuing the development of Hubb Accessories; our very own range of high quality gaming and technology products and aim to deliver new and exciting gaming accessories to our product offering.

In January 2011 we became exclusive UK distributor and support centre for the Turtle Beach range of Professional Gaming Headsets, offering the full range of Turtle Beach products to the UK market for the very first time.

In July 2011 we were pleased to introduce a new brand to our portfolio with the introduction of “Level Up Wear” an exciting and unique range of apparel focusing exclusively on officially licensed videogame-based designs.

We continue to look for other exciting brands and opportunities to further enhance the product offering to our customers.

Our corporate headquarters based in Darlington (UK) house the main logistical operation, warehousing and customer support centre, with satellite offices in the South of England and Hong Kong handling the main sales and development operations

FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT US AND OUR PRODUCTS VISIT http://www.lygoworld.com/company-about-us


Welcome to Mega Drive Memories, a site dedicated to one of the greatest consoles of all time!

The mid to late 1980′s were dominated by 8 bit consoles (primarily the NES) but that all changed in October 1988 with the release of the sublime Sega Mega Drive in Japan.
So was born the 16 bit Era and the true golden age of gaming…

The Mega Drive was a real powerhouse of a machine at the time with games that felt like arcade perfect ports such as Golden Axe, Forgotten Worlds, Mercs etc…

At Mega Drive Memories  you will find those memories from back in the day- true 90′s nostalgia!



Welcome to the UK’s first site dedicated solely to recording everything released for the Nintendo Entertainment System whether it is consoles, accessories, merchandise, game reviews or interviews from Nintendo related folk back in the day, NES-Bit aims to keep as accurate a record possible.

Our Games Database is ever expanding and whether it be reviews, screenshots or gameplay it’s worth a look.

NES-Bit is built on collectors enthusiasm for this aging 8 Bit console and if you feel you have something to share or contribute to our site then please stop by and sign up for the Forums for a chat or drop by the Contact/Links section.  In the meantime enjoy the site!


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